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grp. Starlight Zetetic synergy for a secure future

    We are specialists at being generalists !

    We believe in the synergy of multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience.

    The moon can exert enormous influence on our planetary environment.  Imagine the effects on planet Earth, let alone the Sun, when all the diverse planets are lined up.

    A string of pearls is much more beautiful than a single pearl.

    Let us line up your company's many pearls... facets to achieve the benefits of synergy.

    Our diverse, multi-faceted approach to problems enables us to forcibly find solutions from within the problem.  We bring new meaning to the phrase that all clouds have a silver lining.  We discover multiple options that will enable you and your company to reap major benefits to your bottom line.

    That is why we are confident in our claim that we can provide you with service rationalization for bottom line efficiencies.

    Note that "synergy" is not the same as "logistics".

    Logistics is defined as:

1.  the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies.

2.  the organization of moving, housing, and supplying troops and equipment.

while Synergy is defined as:

    the interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

    So Synergy leads to greater strength..
    ... in results


    A quick review of one of our solutions to a recent problem in the Outaouais Region.


    Part of the filming of "White Owl", staring Pierce Bronfman, was recently undertaken in the Chelsea area in the Outaouais Region (near Ottawa, Canada's capital).  In situations like that, one of the preoccupations is the security of the site, equipment, staff, and stars.  Of major importance is the control of visitors to the site, specifically passersby out looking to see what all the commotion is about.  Some come to get to see their favourite stars and wrangle a signature and perhaps a picture from them.  Needless to say, that can create very disruptive interventions which translate into severe delays and consequently major financial losses.

    Our concise review of the site indicated a lack of adequate security for vehicular comings and goings along public highways.  As one of the major requirements of security was a need to ensure privacy for the operation, our suggestion was to move the main road block further in from the main highway so has to be out of site and therefore avoid those passerbys from obtaining a clear indication as to the film site's true location.  That in itself would have reduced by at least 75% the amount of non-local traffic through the area.  Less traffic = less disruptions = less budgetary losses.

    By applying insightful common sense, combined with a generalist's perspective, we find solutions that ensure bottom line efficiencies.

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